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How Grocery Chatter Works

How often have you stood at the supermarket looking at 10 different products not knowing which one is the best?  With Grocery Chatter you now have that power in the palm of your hand.  Download for FREE now

Scan an item barcode

Learn about a product, or read what others are saying about a product found at nearby stores.



Have your say about the item

Rate it, share special prices and promotions, recommend related products, discuss coupons, write a review, post on Twitter, Facebook, and Buzz!

Review Price Trends

Based on other shoppers' input, and decide if you want to wait for an upcoming sale or discount.


Read about specials & compare prices

Reported by other shoppers for this product at nearby stores.


Add items to Grocery Gadget®

Add products to your Grocery Gadget Shopping App instantly.


Quick Guide

Have questions about how to use your   app?  iPhone | Android | BlackBerry

What's New?

Learn about upcoming app updates.  Visit Customer Service.

Press Room

Read Grocery Gadget news and press mentions.  Visit Press Room.

Portal Access

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